• Imagine a yoga Flow without the usual rigidity of Asana alignment.
    Imagine a practice where you can move your body whichever way you feel like it, but still following the basic structure of a vinyasa class.
    This is Dancing Yoga. Incorporating elements of dancing, free body movement, even contact improv with principles of yoga sequencing and flow, Lola takes us into a journey of exploration of our bodies and the ways it can move, whilst keeping the awareness on breathing properly and according to the movement.
    It's a practice of release and self discovery that can take you to unexpected places.
    class is held in English
    Whenever there is no workshop
    Friday 19.00 - 20.30
    in Alternation with Yin Yoga
  • Teacher

    I am a Yoga instructor. Mexican actress, passionate traveler.

    I have taught in Thailand, Belgium, Paris, Spain, Morocco and India mainly Hatha and Yin covering sometimes for Vinyasa classes plus I have a personal style called Dancing Yoga.

    Living a year in Koh Phangan, Thailand I was fortunate to teach, practice and work alongside dedicated yogis from all over the globe.

    Through years I learnt to fuse styles and traditions into my teachings, blending the dynamism and flow of Vinyasa with the meditative energy-awareness of traditional Hatha Yoga, offering caring and thoughtful support to guests on and off the mat.

    Teaching yoga is my passion and I do it with a full heart and gratitude to all my teachers and every student.