• August/September 2017

    Once a year  we have a special guest at lila: Prasanth from India a truly gifted indian ayurveda doctor and yoga teacher. If you suffer from any physical or mental issue or just want to have some deep relaxation, take the chance and make an appointment.

    Prasanth only speaks english, but translation can be arranged upon request.


  • Ayurveda is an Indian system of medical treatment that has envolved over millenniums of years.

    What Ayurveda differentiate from other systems of medecines is it very approach to treatment. Taking

    a holistic view. An Ayurveda Therapist treats the patient body, mind and soul rather than the disease and aim restoring the balance oft he individual.

    So a very important element of Ayurveda are the different types of massage like Abhayanga Massage (Reyuvenation Massage) and Marma Therapie (Traditional treatment, activate 108 sensitive points). The Therapist use hot oil for the massage. 


    In order to give a proper treatment, a first consultation is needed. After this initial conversation a Massage or alternative treatment can follow.

    1.Massage with Consultation          145.-

    further massages (60 min)             108


    Nutrition and Health Consultation   120.-


    for making an appointment (please tell us your preferred date and name) or further questions: tina@lila.ch


  • Dr. K S Prasanth



    He has worked in differents Clinics in Kerala and have a long experience as a Doctor in holistic and ayurvedic medecine. He is a Specialist in Marma Therapie of Ayurveda as well and a Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher. All these disciplines he studied at College in Trivandrum (Kerala, South India).